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Pokemon Sword & Shield Cram-O-Matic: How to use and get it, recipes

Pokemon Sword & Shield Cram-o-matic get Recipes

In case you don’t know, the new DLC of Pokemon Sword & Shield, called the Isle of Armor is finally out. Released a couple of days back, the new DLC is a paid expansion pass, which introduces tons of new Pokemon and characters to the game. Apart from that, the DLC also introduces a new robot, Cram-O-Matic, to the game. In this article, we’ll be exploring everything about the new DLC of Pokemon Sword & Shield, including how you can get Cram-O-Matic, how it works, and the list of recipes.

To start with, let’s have a quick look at what Cram-O-Matic really means and how you can get it.

Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Get The Isle Of Armor’s Cram-O-Matic

Let’s begin with this question: what is Cram-O-Matic?

Well, Cram-O-Matic is the newly introduced robot on the new DLC of Pokemon Sword & Shield. The robot allows players to do away with some specific items, presenting them with new ones. By utilizing Cram-O-Matic, Pokemon Sword & Shield players will be able to get 1 new item by trading 4 unwanted ones. Instead of tossing the useless items away, the new robot helps players to acquire useful items easily from them.

Now that you have an idea of what Cram-O-Matic means, I’m sure you’ll be wondering how you can get it. Let’s have a quick look at how you can find it below:

  • As a Pokemon Sword & Shield player, you’ll be able to locate Cram-O-Matic in the Master Dojo.
  • Head to the dojo and go straight to the room. There, you’ll encounter an NPC called Hyde.
  • To get Cram-O-Matic, you’ll have to trade 500 watts with Hyde.

As soon as you finish the trading process, the robot will unlock and add up to your inventory, and you’ll be able to use it anytime.

How Does The New Robot Works?

To start with, you’ll be able to get 1 useful item from Cram-O-Matic when you trade up 4 useless items. However, what you get depends solely on what you offer Cram-O-Matic. What that means is that fixed recipes will produce a fixed item.

With Cram-O-Matic, Pokemon Sword & Shield players can always get one of a kind items, such as Master Ball. So, the output is based on the recipe and input items. Interestingly, you can always trade your recipes with Hyde to get 100 watts.

According to reports, a Pokemon Sword & Shield trainer, Jazzmcnade has posted a list of the Cram-O-Matic recipes on Reddit. On it, there are up to 300 different recipes listed on the list.

Here’s a list of the major recipes posted by Jazzmcnade below:

  • Big Pearl, Big Pearl, Balm Mushroom, Balm Mushroom: Prism Scale
  • 4xRare Bone: Wishing Piece
  • Balm Mushroom, Rare Bone, Stardust, Pearl: Wishing Piece
  • 4xQualot: Toxic Orb
  • Honey, Pearl String, Tiny Mushroom, Water Stone: Brightpowder
  • 4xSun Stone: Flame Orb
  • Light Ball, Wishing Piece, Wishing Piece, Wishing Piece: Dubious Disc
  • 4xRare Candy: Ability Capsule
  • Pecha Berry, Pecha Berry, PP Up, PP Up: Upgrade

Apart from that, another Pokemon Sword & Shield trainer Doing_Eetswa, has also posted some other recipes. Here are some of them below:

  • TR13 Recipe: Normal Gem, Fire Stone, Power Belt, Wise Glasses
  • Star Piece Recipe: Icy Rock, Lagging Tail, Rose Incense, Ribbon Sweet
  • TR98 Recipe: Big Pearl, Protective Pads, Tart Apple, Eject Pack
  • Rare Pokeball Recipe: x4 Apricorns
  • TR48 Recipe: Armorite Ore, Leppa Berry, Black Sludge, Relaxed Mint
  • Ring Target Recipe: Dusk Stone, Tomato Berry, Terrain Extender, Wise Glasses
  • White Herb: Sassy Mint, Exp. Candy S, Figy Berry, Float Stone

For more information on how you can get the Cram-O-Matic recipes, check the link here.

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