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PS5 Retail Box: Black And White Color Boxes Revealed

PS5 retail box comes with a black color

Yesterday, during the PlayStation 5 event, Sony was able to reveal some of the games that’ll come with the new gaming console when it finally launches. Apart from that, the company also revealed the price and release date of the next-gen console. As for its launch date, Sony revealed that it’ll arrive in the US on November 12. For its price, the company revealed that the digital-only PS5 will go for $400 (£360, AU$600). As for the Blu-ray equipped version, it’ll sell at a price tag of $500 (£450, AU$750). Furthermore, the PS5 retail boxes for both versions have also been revealed on Amazon and Twitter. Currently, pre-order for the consoles have started on a few select retailers, including Amazon. As far as the PS5’s boxes are concerned, both versions look almost alike. However, in order to differentiate the two models, Sony designed the boxes with different colors.

PS5 Retail Box Comes In Two Colors

All thanks to Sony, which revealed the retail boxes of PS5 on Amazon, we now have a clear look at the packaging of the two models. Let’s face it, there’s really nothing to be too excited about the PS5 retail boxes. That’s because they come with the sleek, minimalist design that most people expected, seeing the design of the console itself. However, one interesting thing about the two boxes is their colors. In a way to differentiate the two models, the company ensured both boxes come with different colors.

As for the digital-only PS5 console, which is now available for pre-order at a price of $400, it comes with a black box. On the other hand, the Blu-ray equipped version comes with a white box.

A Twitter user, with the username @videogamedeals, has also posted the two PS5 retail boxes on the social media platform. And so far, the post has raised a lot of comments, with people sharing their thoughts on the new gaming console. According to some people, they said the digital-only version has a better box. Well, while many people agreed with that, they added that it’s a conspiracy.

You can take a look at the boxes below and decide which is better between the two boxes.


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