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Users unable to play PUBG on OnePlus 8T at 90FPS

According to reports by several OnePlus 8T users, they are not able to play PUBG at 90FPS even when the option has been enabled. OnePlus devices have been known for featuring the most advanced specs. Perhaps the best part about OnePlus devices is the price point, these devices are extremely reasonable when compared to other devices that offer the same specs. The price point makes these devices very appealing, especially for the gaming community. The high-end specs provide an optimum gaming experience.

OnePlus 8T users unable to play PUBG at 90FPS

The most favorite OnePlus device for gamers is the 8T, this is mainly because the device happens to have a 120Hz display. However, latest reports suggest that a number of users are unable to play PUBG on OnePlus 8T at 90FPS. OnePlus was the pioneer in adding 90FPS support to PUBG Mobile with the advent of the OnePlus 8 series. Complaints indicate that OnePlus 8T users are still stuck with 60Hz despite opting for the 90Hz option given in PUBG settings.

One user reported, “Having 120 hz refresh rate and not giving 90fps is like…A big mistake ….I am very unhappy with one plus 8t as it is not fulfilling my needs…UPDATE NEEDED ASAP…#NOT DONE ONE PLUS…!!?” The comment box underneath shows that a large number of OnePlus 8T users are facing this situation.”

Another user said, “Please bring the feature of 90fps in pubg OnePlus 8T because it shows only the option of 90 fps but in reality it shows 60 fps only on real time fps meter.” PUBG has a huge fan base, a large chunk of the population enjoys playing the popular game. Therefore, not being able to do so especially during a lockdown can be frustrating and annoying.

Users unable to play PUBG

Several affected users acknowledge that the PUBG game on their OnePlus 8T devices prompts them to select the device’s display settings to match with the 90Hz requirement in the game. This happens even when users are already having the device running at the said refresh rate. This complaint has been widely raised to OnePlus support via the community forum. Hundreds of affected users are desperate to find a solution.

While replying to one of the complaints generated by an affected user, a head moderator on the OnePlus community forum apparently seems to be blaming PUBG for the persistent issue. The head moderator urged users to contact the game developers for support and solution to their issue. Thereby, shifting the entire responsibility to PUBG. The head moderator emphasized that it is up to the PUBG developers to enable this setting.

OnePlus 8T users hope that the issue gets resolved soon so they can play PUBG without any issues.

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