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Services Down: YouTube, Google Hangouts, Drive, Gmail

google search results glitch answer card not working

Update: Most services are up and running now. Gmail is working. YouTube has resumed its operations too.

According to the latest reports, Google Hangouts is down and not working for a number of users all over the globe. The service seems to be down and users are unable to send messages or receive them. Reports also indicate that YouTube is down, the reason for this service outage is unknown yet. Many users are complaining that Google drive seems to be down as well.

Hangouts is down in addition to multiple other platforms

None of the platforms have publicly acknowledged this issue yet. One user tweeted, “I’m on twitter because #YouTubeDOWN , Gmail down, Google Sheets down, Hangouts down, Google Docs down, Etc. Every google product is down right now, except for google search.@gmail @Google. Haven’t tried play store, maps, or earth.” This all these platforms are used widely, the issue is causing major inconvenience.

Google classrooms seems to be down as well. Given the post-covid order of the world, most classes and meetings are conducted on Google classrooms. Children are going to have a field day today!

Down-detector, the service that shows a real-time overview of issues and outages across all platforms experienced a hike in complaints regarding google platforms. One user said, “My teacher keeps cutting off, other people’s cameras aren’t working and she says that half of the classes cameras are frozen including mine.” It is important to note that the service has not completely vanished but it is lagging.

Most of the services are showing Error 500

Some users are finding the entire situation hilarious. Some are stating that the time has finally come when they can’t Google why Google is down. The Google search engine says, “The server cannot process the request because it is malformed. It should not be retried. That’s all we know.” Most of the services are currently showing server Error 500.

Reports also indicate that the problems seem to be more prevalent in Europe and areas located along the east coast in America. The following services were down for Google: Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Drive, Docs. Sheets, Slides. Sites, Groups, Hangouts, Chat, Meet, Vault, Currents, Forms, Cloud Search, Keep, Tasks and Voice.

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