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Telegram downloaded files not saved under folders in file manager

Telegram, the cloud-based instant messaging service is famous for its multiple features. But in the latest report, Telegram users have been complaining that they can not manage to find their downloaded files in the File Manager.

Telegram downloaded files disappeared

This cloud-based messaging app works like other apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, however, it focuses more on speed and privacy. This way Telegram becomes a better option than other popular instant messaging Apps. It became more popular among the masses when WhatsApp came up with changes in its Privacy Policy.


Users’ Complaints

Telegram stands out from other messaging apps due to its security feature. It ensures encrypted activities all across its media, chats, and groups. However, Telegram users have been facing issues in finding their downloaded files in the File Manager. This issue has been surfaced after the latest update as Sponsored Messages addition.

telegram downloaded files

Users have been clueless about deleting their files as they couldn’t find a Telegram folder.

“I downloaded a few movies how can I delete them now that I don’t have a telegram folder ?? I can’t find them anywhere???” – Elena

Android System Restrictions

According to the Admin Dog,

“Due to the new Android system restrictions, downloaded files are now stored in storage/Android/data/org.telegram.messenger/cache.Its visibility will depend on file manager app’s permission access (for some apps its content is shown as empty so it is not visible).”

This description itself is not satisfactory for the Telegram users as they are waiting for a permanent fix to this issue. Users are demanding Telegram officials to resolve this issue and make folders visible again. Similar to WhatsApp files visibility, users demand alternative options or a timely fix to this serious matter.


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