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Users Can’t Sign In To YouTube After Deleting Channel

Can't Sign In To YouTube Deleting Channel

With over 2 billion active users across the world, you’ll certainly agree with me that YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform out there. Many people use this platform because of the many unique and amazing features it offers. A good example is the YouTube Studio, which many people often call “the home for creators”. The Studio app lets YouTube creators perform a lot of activities, including monetizing their content and growing/managing their channels. Unfortunately, the latest reports reveal that some YouTube video creators are currently facing an issue with their accounts. The affected users can’t sign in to their YouTube after deleting a channel.

This post will further explain what the latest YouTube issue is all about. It’ll also share with you the fix to address the problem.

YouTube users can’t sign in to their accounts after deleting a channel

Gone are the days when you need a new YouTube account for every channel you want to create. Today, however, YouTube has made things a lot easier for its video creators. Yes, creators are now allowed to create as many channels as they want with just a single YouTube account.

With the Studio app, you can always have all your videos arranged in one place. The app will allow you to switch between multiple channels without stress. Interestingly, YouTube also allows its creators to delete any of their channels, whenever they feel like it.

However, according to the latest reports across various social media platforms and forums, YouTube creators now complain that they can’t sign in to their account after deleting a channel. Instead, they keep getting an error message, which says:

“Sorry, we can’t sign you in to YouTube while your YouTube data is being deleted. Please try again later.”

Let’s have a quick look at what affected users are saying regarding the issue below:

According to Mohammed Abrar 1, the YouTube creator mentioned he deleted one of his channels, which had no video content. Now, he can’t log into the same Google account anymore. You can check here to see what the user said regarding the annoying issue:

Can't Sign In To YouTube Deleting Channel

To see more complaints regarding the current situation, where users can’t sign in to their YouTube accounts after deleting a channel, you can check here (1,2,3,4).

Is there any official fix yet?

Unfortunately, there’s currently no official fix to address the issue on the ground. However, according to this post, the YouTube team is aware of the annoying problem and is already working on a fix to address it.

Currently, we don’t know when the official fix will be available. For now, you may log into your YouTube account via your mobile instead of the PC, as suggested by an affected user.

Can't Sign In To YouTube Deleting Channel

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