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Video: Branches of a tree literally became huge trees after it fell down in Spring Lake

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A viral video posted on Reddit shows a tree that fell down in Spring Lake, Washington, and surprisingly the fallen tree branches became “trees”.

“People mistakenly think the fallen tree is dead. However, the end of it just grew upwards too. It’s still 1 living whole tree,” a user said on Reddit.

Another user on Reddit asked a question, “That had to have fallen what, over 100 years ago for those trees to be that big now?”

The video uploader answered, “It had to have been a couple hundred years old before it fell over. The “trees” were probably branches that survived and grew up to be big bois. I’d say you’re in the ballpark. They’re about 80-120feet tall.”

Have you heard about Daisugi technique?

By the 15th century, Japan already faced a shortage of seedlings, as well as land on which to properly cultivate the trees in the first place. Necessity being the mother of invention, this led to the creation of an ingenious solution: daisugi, the growing of additional trees, in effect, out of existing trees — creating, in other words, a kind of giant bonsai. Here is something similar to it:

Video shows tree that fell down in Spring Lake, WA and its branches became “trees”

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