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Video: Teenage girl pushes Grizzly bear off to save her dogs at home

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On Monday, a TikTok video of a fight between a teenage girl and a bear to save her dogs went viral. The video posted on Memorial Day garnered over 37 million views.

During the Memorial Day weekend, video of a brown grizzly bear climbing over a fence into a house’s backyard while several pet dogs bark at it circulated on social media. Fortunately, a brave teen girl ran up to the large bear and pushed it off the fence, allowing the dogs to flee safely.

According to reports, Hailey, 17, was at home in California on May 31 when she heard her dogs barking frantically.

According to the post, the video was captured by home security cameras at Brenda’s cousin, Hailey’s, home in California. Brenda shared the footage on her TikTok account where it amassed over 15 million views in just seven hours.

Users on on TikTok were astounded by how casually the teenage girl confronted the bear with her bare hands.

According to Brenda’s comment, the dog was fine, though it did have some scratches.

Watch the full viral video, posted by Hailey’s (the girl who saved her dogs from bear) cousin Brenda on her Instagram page, below:


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