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Vulture Paragliding With Paragliders In Spain: Video

A viral video surfacing on social media from Spain shows a vulture perching on a paragliding man. The vulture is seen flying alongside the paragliders in a video that is making rounds on social media, this stunt by a vulture has earned millions of views. The vulture is seen perching itself on a selfie stick held by one of the paragliders after which the vulture decides to soar the skies in the company of paragliders.

A video from Spain shows a vulture paragliding

The video that is set to Fleetwood Mac’sDreams” song was initially posted on TikTok and has taken social media by storm after that. It was also revealed that the vulture did not land on the selfie stick by accident or a coincidence. In fact, vultures are trained to perch themselves to sticks and similar surfaces.

Scott Mason, the paragliding teacher at SkyWings Adventure in Spain happens to be the first instructor to introduce the concept of “parahawking.” Parahawking is when a trained bird of prey helps him navigate the flight. The bird guides Scott to thermal columns that make his aerial trips much longer than usual and more birdlike.

Scott has been working on training birds since he was a young child.  He says his goal is to raise awareness regarding different animals and the roles they play in their ecosystems. Vultures have several characteristics that make them an ideal companion for long flights. In ancient times, Vultures were considered a positive animal totem – signifying the beginning of new things, they were mostly characterised to birth.

In the company of paragliders

Vultures are known to be excellent when it comes to the use of natural air movement. This is regardless of the environmental conditions, it can be the thermals of a warming day, topographical currents or that small-scale turbulence that is almost always present – a vulture will find its path and navigate its flight effortlessly.

However, the video took a negative turn after gaining publicity. The video features Fleetwood Mac’s song called Dreams. Inspired by this stunt, a TikTok user filmed himself skateboarding down a road while sipping on Ocean Spray cranberry juice. The user is seen pulling stunts on his skateboard effortlessly while mouthing the lyrics of the famous song. Before users could comprehend what was happening, this trend gained massive popularity.

People all over the globe began dressing up, pulling a stunt or just being themselves, as they skateboard on the street, or carry out usually quite mundane chores in an effortless way, with the song playing in the background. The users would be seen mouthing the lyrics and sipping Ocean Spray. Even Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac along with the CEO of Ocean Spray joined the TikTok trend.

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