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West’s attempt to isolate Russia leading to an economic crisis of historic proportion, Russian Rep. to UN says

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The West’s attempt to isolate Russia is causing an economic crisis of historic proportions, according to Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

According to him, Western countries were caught up in “unbridled sanctions hysteria,” failing to consider anyone, including their own citizens.

As quoted in Russia media, this is the real reason why the global food market is in danger of experiencing severe turbulence.

“Today we heard and will hear another thesis about the inevitable coming food crisis in the world. In the submission of Western delegations, it is caused solely by Russia’s actions in Ukraine. By posing the question in this way, our Western colleagues are being disingenuous.

“After all, the real reasons for the serious turbulence threatening the global food market are by no means in the actions of Russia, but in the unbridled sanctions hysteria that the West unleashed against Russia without thinking about either the population of the states of the so-called global South, or about its own citizens. Attempts to isolate Russia economically, financially and logistically from well-established long-term channels of cooperation are already turning into an economic crisis of historic proportions,” he said.

Only the rejection of unilateral sanctions, according to the diplomat, would help reduce tensions.

Even an inexperienced observer can see that only the rejection of illegal unilateral restrictive measures can relieve tensions in transportation, logistics, and financial ties, ensure uninterrupted supplies, and stabilise international agricultural and food markets, he said. “After all, the stocks of food produced in Russia have not decreased. It is precisely the Western states that can prevent hunger and food shortages, no matter how they tell us today the opposite, trying to shift the blame on Russia,” stated Nebenzya.

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