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Xbox Series X Smoke Videos Are Fake, But Disc Drive Sound Issue Is Real

xbox series x smoke videos fake xbox series x disc sound issue
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Videos surfacing online showed smoke fuming from the Xbox Series X, thankfully these videos turned out to be fake. The videos show grey fumes emerging from the surface of the Xbox Series X. The user who initially posted the video urged Xbox Series X users to practice caution. A user tweeted, “Xbox Series X users are reportedly facing hardware issues on launch day, as multiple consoles start to smoke.” Other reports also indicate that Xbox Series X is facing a disc sound issue.

Xbox Series X smoking up videos are fake

Several people have confirmed that users posting videos of smoke rising from the vent are spreading misinformation for a few seconds of publicity on social media. It is likely that these users were blowing vape smoke inside the Xbox Series X, then they record the smoke draining from the top and make it look like Xbox Series X is heating up with smoke. The unofficial Xbox account on Twitter also uploaded a video showing how users faked the videos to gain attention online.

Senior Editor at The Verge tweeted, “how to get your Xbox Series X to blow up: 1) buy a vape 2) blow vape into the bottom of Xbox 3) feel proud of the smoke you created 4) post to Twitter and profit.” He added, “I am in contact with people reporting early hardware issues, but please beware of videos/pictures that are clearly fake. They take advantage of media organizations that prioritize clicks over-reporting, and social media to spread far and wide.”

Experts say that the Xbox Series X is manufactured in a manner to vacuum cool air from below the console and then feed the air up via components. This featured has been manipulated by users to fake videos. Microsoft has not yet released an official statement about this fiasco, however, anyone with a decent amount of common sense can determine that the videos are fake. The users who posted these videos have been asked to get in touch with Microsoft so that the “issue” can be resolved.

Xbox Series X showing disc drive sound issue

However, there appear to be some genuine issues with the console. Several users are complaining about a loud noise coming from the Xbox Series X disc drive. The issue indicates that the disc inside the console may be getting damaged. After users insert a disc into the Xbox Series X, a loud grinding noise can be heard a few moments later. Although, there is no certainty regarding damage being caused to the disc it is certain that the Xbox Series X disc drive is broken.

Just one day after the official launch, Microsoft is facing multiple issues. It is evident that Xbox Series X had been subjected to several tests for its hardware strength, the issue still seems to persist. It is likely that Xbox will have to repair the disc drive malfunction for several of its units.

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