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Apex Legends Mobile ADS Mode Bug: Screen Gets Stuck While Aiming

Apex Legends Mobile Screen Stuck While Aiming ADS Mode
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Apex Legends, developed and released in 2019 by Respawn Entertainment, is a free-to-play battle royale game. This game, which is available on all major devices, offers support for cross-platform play, excluding its mobile versions. Millions of people worldwide love the Apex Legends battle royale game because of its fluid controls and unique characters. The new shooter game is interesting. Unfortunately, a lot of Apex Legends Mobile users are complaining of a situation, in which a bug causes the screen to freeze/get stuck while aiming for the ADS mode.

Read on to find more information regarding the new Apex Legends Mobile issue, including how to resolve it.

Apex Legends Mobile screen gets stuck while aiming for ADS mode

The Apex Legends Mobile users have been stuck in beta for a couple of weeks. However, recently, the stable version of the battle royale shooter game was made available (globally) for both iOS and Android devices. As with newly released games, it seems the new Apex Legends Mobile game comes with a couple of issues.

According to multiple reports, the Apex Legends Mobile users are now reporting an issue, in which the smartphone screen gets stuck while they try aiming for the ADS mode. The affected users reported they can’t aim while opening the ADS.

For now, the exact cause of this issue is still unclear. However, one of the affected users suggested one potential cause for the issue. You can check here to see this user’s take on the cause of the problem. Some users also mentioned that this issue has been around for weeks, even in the beta version. You can also check below and here (1,2,3) to see what other users are saying about this annoying issue.

Apex Legends Mobile Screen Stuck While Aiming ADS Mode

There’s a potential workaround for this issue

This issue has been around on the stable version of the new Apex Legends Mobile for days. However, the Apex Legends Mobile developers haven’t yet released any official statement to acknowledge the problem. In case you also experience this issue, the good news is there are a couple of workarounds you may try.

  • The new Apex Legenda Mobile game comes with a ‘hold to ADS’ option by default. Instead of using this option, you need to consider activating the ‘tap to ADS’ option, as suggested by this user.
  • Alternatively, you can consider toggling off the ‘ADS button rotates camera’ option, as suggested in this post. After turning off the option, all that remains is to restart your game.
  • As suggested by this user, you can also consider turning off the ‘Crouch to rotate’ and ‘Jump to rotate’ options.

That said, we’ll continue to keep our eyes on the Apex Legenda Mobile developers for you. As soon as we find any new information regarding this matter, we’ll let you know about it.

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