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How to fix Google Meet error ‘you can’t join this video call’

Google Meet phone number registration or calling issue
Source: Wired UK

Google Meet users’ biggest concern has been the error “you can’t join this video call”, which probably has got a fix.

You can’t join this video call issue

Google Meet has become one of the essential solutions for videoconferencing. And it’s a sound option if you’re attending a business meeting or staying connected with friends and family. However, like all other software, Google Meet isn’t flawless, and you may encounter a few issues along the way.

Since last year, Google Meet help forums have been flooded with reports of issues where the users see a message “you can’t join this video call” when trying to join a meeting.

Complaints by users

“We just had this experience today. Logged in to the morning Google session with his teacher, could not log into the second session with the same link/same teacher. A later session with a different teacher worked just fine. Tried final session with original teach/link and get “You can’t join this video call.” Tech support and the teach are both unable to help.” Google Meet Help

“We are having the same issue.  Many parents calling in or coming into office with issue “you can’t join meeting”.  It is becoming frustrating for many.  Students are not able to rejoin class.  What we have noticed is that we have teachers have all students hang up after the session, teachers then reset the link and then students log back in.” Google Meet Help

“please help me, I am facing the same issue meet says “you can’t join this meet”. I removed my account from other devices now only two devices are signed in, still facing the same problem.” Google Meet Help

Users encountering this issue reportedly cannot join Google Meet video calls. When trying to join, they receive a “You can’t join this video call” message and have to “return to home screen”.

The issue apparently affects certain accounts and switching the platform, that is, from PC to phone, doesn’t work as well. The only solution is switching accounts, which isn’t usually functional.

However, the Google Meet team has been responding to the reported issues but offered no stable fix.


A couple of workarounds helped some users, where the teacher manually adds the student back into the Meet through the Add Person button. After that, the link starts working again. Logging out and logging in again from the Google account also worked for few users.

A recent development suggests Google has addressed this issue. Google Product Expert responded on the support forum that Meet has a new option for teachers. When the class is over they can select “End meeting for all” instead of removing students.

“Participants can access the meeting link for a meeting that ended, but can’t join until the meeting organizer restarts the meeting. The meeting will automatically restart once the organizer re-joins.”

More details about this feature are explained here.

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