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iOS 14 Stacking Large Widgets Issue: Tips And Tricks To Fix

notifications on iOS 14 are not working properly

According to reports by iOS 14 users, the software is showing an issue where the device is stacking large widgets. One user complained, “Am I the only one chasing down widgets to stack them?”. The user further mentioned that they try to stack the large news widget with other large news widgets but they do this, the large widget automatically creates several billion new blank pages.

iOS 14 issue of stacking large widgets persists

The user further expressed his frustration by stating, “so there am playing hide and seek with my iPhone thinking about the days when iOS wasn’t so emotional. iOS developers, please know that no one’s goal is to open up multiple blank pages ever.” Several other users have urged iOS developers to fix this issue.

The issue seems to be linked to a particularly poor UX design by Apple if users are facing issues related to widget stacking. Let’s hope that Apple is able to resolve this issue soon. Similar issues were also reported when the iOS 14 was in beta mode. It is disappointing to know that Apple still has not found a fix for these persisting issues.

The Apple support threads urge users to make use of widget stacks. The new iOS 14 allows users to make use of widget stacks to save more space on their Home Screen and on Today View. This featured was introduced to make the device’s appearance less chaotic and jumbled up. iOS 4 also allows users to use Smart Stacks, they also have the option of creating their own widget stacks.

A Smart Stack is essentially a pre-built set of widgets that displays the preferred widget based on a combination of factors that include the user’s location, an activity they engage in, or the present time. A Smart Stack is able to automatically rotate widgets, it does so to display the most relevant information throughout the day according to a user’s preference.

Tips and tricks

The users are able to create their own Smart Stacks through the following steps:

  1. Step 1 is to touch and hold an area on your device’s Home Screen or in Today View until the apps start to jiggle.
  2. Next, you tap the Add button + located on the upper-left corner of your screen.
  3. You then scroll down and tap on the Smart Stack.
  4. Then you finally tap the “Add Widget” option.

There are possible solutions:

Users can create the large widget in the widget slide-over page (this will not be an actual app page). Then you proceed to create another widget. After you have successfully created another widget, you can stack them on top of each other on the widget slide-over page to create a Smart Stack. Once this is successfully done, you can move the stack onto an app page. Voila, there you have it!


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