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iOS 16 release date, new features and rumors

ios 16

Apple is still regularly rolling out updates to iOS 15, but fans are already looking forward to iOS 16. So when can we expect the next full version of iOS, and what features can we expect? Here are all the latest rumors about the upcoming iOS.

iOS 16 release date

Apple always releases the next full version of iOS when it launches new iPhones. Thus, we expect iOS 16 to arrive with this year’s new iPhone line-up, probably in September, although October is also a possibility.

However, Apple enthusiasts may get a chance to try the beta version of iOS 16 as early as June. The iPhone maker has historically released the betas of its next iOS version to developers at WWDC, which is usually held in June. The most likely start date for WWDC 2022 is June 6, and the second most likely start date is June 13.

While developers will get the chance to try the iOS 16 beta at WWDC, the first public beta is usually slated for release later in the month. For example, Apple released the first public beta for iOS 15 at the end of June.

Which phones will be supported?

We expect Apple to support the iPhone 7 and newer devices with iOS 16 since iOS 15 supported the iPhone 6S and newer. That would stretch the new version back six years.

However, the older models probably won’t get all the best features in iOS 16 due to hardware limitations.

Possible iOS 16 features

Apple enthusiasts are always making lists of the features they want to see in the next iOS version. iOS 15 brought major changes to the iPhone, so it seems that iOS 16 might be less significant. Historically, Apple has dumped a massive load of features one year and then followed up the next year with relatively minor changes.

One way Apple could bring the appearance of significant changes to iOS 16 is with a wider array of new themes. For example, the company could allow third-party developers to release their own themes like they can on Android devices. Currently, only jailbroken iPhones have access to third-party themes.

Apple could also add new widgets to improve access to home automation. Most people who use the Home app for smart home devices use Siri to do things like turn on their smart lights. However, Siri can cause a delay, or the app might not respond. As a result, having a widget for easy access to these devices would be an excellent addition.

Additionally, some Apple fans would like to see the QuickNote feature from iPadOS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey land on the iPhone. The feature allows users to drag their finger from the bottom-right of the screen and quickly type notes, no matter what they are doing on their device at the time. It would seem like this addition would be natural due to the other gestures on the iPhone.

Improvements to the HomeKit

If you’ve been following Apple’s iOS releases, you’ll agree with me that HomeKit (current version) came out with iOS 10. Unfortunately, ever since introducing the HomeKit, Apple is yet to perform a major revamp on it. Could Homekit get the much-needed improvement this year?

We can’t answer the question at this point. However, there are tons of reasons Apple needs to consider revamping the Homekit app. First, the Homekit app’s interface needs improvement so it could support large numbers of accessories and cameras. Besides, an improved interface will also bring about high performance, especially for users with a lot of accessories.

Improvements to the Apple Music

Apple introduced its Apple Music in 2015. Ever since then, it became a reliable source for Apple users to manage and listen to their music library. Many people use this app because it offers a host of excellent features; one of them is its support for lossless audio and Spatial Audio.

However, Apple Music isn’t without its issue. According to various reports, the app suffers from several quirks and bugs. An improvement to Apple Music will certainly go a long way in addressing most of the bugs affecting the app.

Redesigned camera app

Could iOS 16 come with a redesigned camera app? This is one question that enthusiasts are currently asking. The iPhone camera has lately received a lot of improvements. In recent years, the camera received more lenses. Apart from that, features, such as Night Mode and Cinematic Mode, were also introduced to the iPhone camera. Overall, this is a great improvement to iPhone devices.

The only problem, however, is that the camera app is not feeling bloated. For instance, unlike before, gaining access to forced flash now requires a few more swipes. Although Apple introduced a new macro button with the iOS 15.2 version, this update is specifically designed for the iPhone 13 series.

So, we expect Apple to deliver a redesigned camera app with the upcoming iOS 16 operating system. If this happens, users will get a whole new way of taking photos and making videos.

Introduction of Air apps with iOS 16

Another feature that we expect Apple to introduce with the release of iOS 16 is the Air apps. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that managing AirPods peripherals or an AirTag can be pretty cumbersome to do. For instance, to manage AirPods peripherals, users can only access their settings through Bluetooth inside the Settings app. As for AirTag settings, users can only access them through the Find My app.

By introducing Air apps, Apple can make things a lot easier for users to manage AirPods peripherals or AirTags in a centralized place. Instead of going to Bluetooth to access AirPods settings, users can directly access them through the new AirPods app.

Apple could announce WWDC 2022 dates soon

As earlier mentioned, the beta version of iOS 16 could come to developers at WWDC. Early rumors have it that the event could hold offline in June – possibly on the 6th or 13th. Well, according to the latest reports, Apple could reveal the dates of the upcoming WWDC 2022 this week as it did with the last year’s edition. Stay tuned with us here, as we’ll certainly give you updates regarding it.

Features it could include

There have been rumors that Apple is preparing to release a headset with augmented reality and virtual reality at WWDC. That could mean the addition of some AR and VR features in iOS 16.

We’ve also heard rumors that the iPhone 14 line-up could get a feature that detects when you’ve been in a car accident and then dials emergency services automatically. If that is true, Apple would probably have to add some new features in iOS 16.

Along the same line, rumors suggest Apple will add a satellite-based emergency feature to the iPhone 14 line-up. That would also mean some sort of software support in iOS 16. If this satellite emergency feature makes an appearance, it would enable iPhone users to send texts and possibly make phone calls in an emergency situation when there is no cell service.

However, such a feature would probably require specific hardware, which would mean that it would only be available on the iPhone 14 line-up if it makes an appearance at all.

Latest rumors

One of the newest rumors as of February 2022 is that iOS 16 could add some giant, interactive widgets, rumored to be called “InfoShack” internally at Apple. Twitter tipster LeaksApplePro tweeted that Apple is working on “these ‘big widgets’ internally named InfoShack” with a promise to tell their followers more about these widgets soon.

We should also point out that the image in the tweet shows redesigned icons for the iPhone, so it’s possible that Apple will update the icons for iOS 16. However, the remote icon for the Apple TV is suspicious. That’s so because it looks nothing like the real remote that comes with the Apple TV like the current icon does. As a result, we have to wonder whether this entire leak about the giant, interactive icons is even true.

Will Apple get rid of the notch?

One rumor or suggestion we’ve been hearing about for a long time is that Apple will do away with the long-despised notch at the top of the iPhone. Ever since the company introduced the notch on all of its iPhone models, even the biggest Apple enthusiasts have complained about how it looks.

Android device makers have been using a punch-hole design for years, and as a result, Apple fans have been calling for the iPhone maker to do the same. Thus, it comes as little surprise that the call for Apple to switch from the notched display to one with a punch-hole is being renewed.

This year, Apple enthusiasts are predicting that the iPhone 14 line-up will feature a hole-punch display for the front-facing camera instead of a notch. If they are correct, then Apple could make other changes to the top of the display because there will be more room to play around with along the status bar.

Of course, iOS 16 would have to incorporate the updated display for the iPhone 14 line-up if this rumor is correct, but this feature would not be active on previous models, which still feature the notched display.

Here’s how to download the iOS 16 beta when it’s available

As earlier mentioned, the beta version of iOS 16 could be available for enthusiasts to try as early as June. We are still a few months to the release of the iOS but you can still prepare yourself for it. By preparing for the OS, you’ll be able to save enough space on your phone before the actual release date. In addition, it’s also advisable that you back of your iPhone to prevent losing important data or files.

That said, for you to download and use the beta version of the upcoming iOS 16, the very first thing you need is to enroll in the Apple Beta Software Program.

This post has been updated with latest information on March 31, 2022.

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