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OnePlus Nord users say, no notifications on Wi-Fi issue persists

OnePlus Nord missing notifications on Wi-Fi no fix whatsapp notification

According to reports by several users, the OnePlus Nord is still missing notifications while connected to the Wi-Fi. The issue persists even after the latest OxygenOS 10 update. The issue appears to have no fix since users have been complaining about this issue for a while. Users complain that they are still unable to receive WhatsApp notifications on their OnePlus Nord.

OnePlus Nord missing notifications on Wi-Fi

OnePlus Nord is easily one of the most appealing Android smartphones available at a decent price. It also brings 5G connectivity that places it on the same bar as other expensive smartphones. Many fans and tech enthusiasts are in a consensus that the OnePlus Nord features the most aesthetically pleasing skins. It is also rumored that the device will be soon updated to OxygenOS, however, there are no official reports yet. The latest OxygenOS 10 update was launched in October.

The new update provided several exciting features and fixes for a number of bugs. However, the missing notifications issue still persists on the OnePlus Nord when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi. It seems that the persistent problem has no fix. Users complain that when their phone is connected to Wi-Fi, and sitting idle, the phone receives no notifications from applications that require internet access. For example, the device does not show any WhatsApp notifications.

Several affected users complained about this issue on the community forum. Some officials from the company acknowledged this issue back in August but seems as if no progress has been made as of yet.

A problem with no fix

One user commented, “Same problem here, I’m not sure if it happens with all the app in background, but sure it happens with whatsapp; when the notification “whatsapp is checking for new messages” appear I always need to turn off and on the wifi to get notifications. Also tried to deactivate battery optimisation, changed router configuration, nothing seems to work. ” The comment box underneath indicates that the same problem is being faced by several other users.

oneplus nord wifi issue

Most solutions provided online do not seem to work for users. Sometimes they work temporarily and then the issue appears again. It seems that the company is unable to pin point the exact issue that triggers this bug. Affected users hope that a solution is provided soon. The lack of notification alerts can be highly inconvenient since users can miss important notifications.

The phone also happens to face other problems like the SIM 2 network failure, IMEI number issue and others.

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