Top Websites to Use to Hone Your Writing Skills

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College life is impossible without writing tasks. Check some of the best websites to use to take your writing to the next level.

Boost English Writing Skills with These 7 Websites

While writing plain English is not that difficult, fixing some nuances from your prose in order to deliver the message adequately is a tough task for most undergrads. While professional writers who can also help with a request to write an essay for me, can easily hook their readers with their virtuous description of characters, events, and nature, the majority of college and university students struggle to find words or build sentences in order to produce succinct content.”

Overuse of bulky phrases, adverbs, and clichés is just one of the examples of cheap quality writing and something that should be fixed. Boosting the quality of academic writing broadens your horizons not only in college routine but in career-related areas as well. In order to help you polish up your narrative, descriptive, argumentative persuasive, or any other type of writing while in university, we have listed some of the best apps and websites designed for this unique mission.

1. The Hemingway App

The Hemingway App works great for those who need to edit written essays, research papers, book reviews, etc. The app tackles many issues in English texts, such as the use of passive voice, complex and long sentences, and so on.

The Hemingway app also has the readability score option that helps analyze the structure of your essay. The program highlights all extraneous sentences in red while all the wordy sentences are given in yellow.

2. Grammar Book

The Grammar Book is one of the best online options to hone your prose. From grammar quizzes to punctuation rules, Grammar Book has a lot to offer. There’s a new blog post available every Tuesday on a particular grammar aspect. Online users are welcome to take part in Grammar quizzes to boost their English skills.

3. Ludwig

When it comes to the user interface, the functions of Ludwig are slightly different than the ones of the other websites. The website doesn’t suggest more useful words or fix your piece grammatically. Instead, Ludwig provides you with source information by scanning the whole online base of the sentence that the user pasted on the website. As a result, you have a chance to see where and why the sentence that you included in your paper has been written before.

With the help of Ludwig, you can easily check to use antonyms and synonyms for your academic projects. Besides, the app provides a wide assortment of sources that college writers appreciate, especially if they aren’t proficient in the English language.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is a free app and site that helps you fix your prose. You’re welcome to type your texts directly into the platform or copy-paste your work for further correction. Grammarly shows whether your writing is original and you have put all of your commas in the right places.

You can use an extension that works with various platforms like Facebook, Gmail, and WordPress. In other words, it feels as if you have a professional editor ready to help you 24/7. There’s no need to approach custom writing companies offering essays for sale! Grammarly doesn’t have papers for sale but it can scan already written piece and polish it to perfection.

5. Trinka

Meet a free online editor used to take your writing quality to the next level. Trinka highlights the errors that you can’t see even after the 10th editing session. Designed for college students assigned with academic projects, Trinka is there to show you the wrong usage of words in your papers.

At the same time, the app enables you to catch the most complex grammar errors, as well as provides you with explanations of the errors by citing the source. That’s something that helps improve English academically without selling your soul.

6. Readability-Score

When you write your essay or book review, you have to make sure that your text is connected with your target readers. If not, your writing has no point. Readability is one of the aspects that a lot of students tend to pay no attention to. It doesn’t really matter whether your text is grammatically correct or not if the readability of your work leaves a lot to be desired.

Use Readability-Score to check and calculate the readability of your college work. There is an online scale from 0 to 100 that rates the text you pasted for its readability.

7. Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is one of the text editing tools that are available for free. You’re welcome to edit your papers that contain up to 3000 words. Check your piece for the usage of abstract/vague words, plagiarism, alliteration analysis, and many other issues along with the standard grammar and spell-checking tools.

Being able to produce high-quality texts in English is a must if you’re a college student or working toward a successful career after graduation. With the tools given above, you will soon find yourself capable of writing in English like a pro. Happy writing!

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