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Video: Bus hijacked and set on fire during Belfast riots

Belfast riots bus hijacked fire

According to videos posted on social media a bus has been hijacked and set on fire during riots in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Loyalist youths in the Shankill Road area of Belfast petrol bombed and hijacked a bus Wednesday evening. Driver was forunately able to escape from the scene. A press photographer was attacked and his camera was damaged during the violence in the Capital.

The cause of the violence is told to be the frustration over a decision not to prosecute members of Sinn Fein over alleged coronavirus regulation breaches at the funeral of republican Bobby Storey.


One more footage of the bus that has been hijacked and set on fire during riots tonight in Lanark Way, west Belfast as serious violence continues.

Video of the burning bus in West Belfast as violence continues for another night in Lanark Way, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Bus totally burned during riots in Belfast

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