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WhatsApp Down: Users facing connection problems

Whatsapp instagram down

UPDATE 7/21 9:35 PM EST: Here we again, WhatsApp is down today in many regions of the world.

The reports of WhatsApp being down are coming from different regions of the world including Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

Users have taken to Twitter to report the problems they are facing with the chat-platform.

According to DownDetector, 70% of users are facing connection issues, 27% are having problems with sending and receiving messages and only 1% is having login issues.


WhatsApp is down, thousands of people have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to complain about the problem.

Users from Mexico, England, India, and other regions of the world are reporting that they are unable to send or receive messages on the popular chat platform.

Apart from the Android or iPhone app, the users are not able to access the web version of the messaging platform.

According to Down Detector, users are facing the “Connection Loss” issue with WhatsApp. Many users have reached to the comment section of DownDetector to share that their problems.

As per the report by Down Detector, 58 percent of users have complained about connection issues. While 39 percent of users are not able to send or receive messages, 2 percent are complaining about the log-in error.

So far, there is no official word from the Facebook-owned company WhatsApp on the connection problem.

Users report that they are seeing the below message when trying to open the chat platform:

WhatsApp is temporarily unavailable. Please try again in 5 minutes.

WhatsApp does have an account on Twitter with a description, “We are working very hard to make this twitter account irrelevant” and username “@wa_status” but it hasn’t been updated since 2014.

WhatsApp Down: Here’s what users are reporting on Twitter.

Raheem Khan: Everyone opening Twitter to check if WhatsApp is down #whatsappdown.

Debapriyo Choudhri: I thought my wifi wasn’t working and already dropped a complaint with @ACTFibernet.

Anand Mohan Puri: I thought my wifi is not working!!! Retweet if you feel the same.

Fahad Ali: My face after doing all sorts of internet troubleshooting just to find out WhatsApp is actually down.

Manya Kumar: Getting on twitter to confirm if @whatsapp is actually down after restarting the WiFi and my phone.

A few days back, WhatsApp users faced a glitch, that changed users’ last seen status automatically from everyone to nobody, even ‘online’ status of WhatsApp users were unable to see.

UPDATE 17:11 PM EST: Users from different regions are now telling us that their WhatsApp service is back to normal.


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