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YouTube not loading, showing black screen on TVs, PlayStation, Xbox

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Users who want to watch YouTube videos have been experiencing an issue where the videos start showing a black screen and stop loading. This has become quite a common problem on many console devices and smart TVs.

YouTube is the world’s most favorite video-sharing platform with over 2 billion monthly logged-in users. People enjoy the latest videos, create and share their content with other viewers all over the world. However, recently there have been reports about the YouTube app issue due to which users are unable to watch videos. As they wait for the video to play, the video player’s screen goes black and doesn’t load/play.

YouTube videos only showing black screen

“YouTube app doesn’t seem to want to play videos. Restarted xbox, reinstalled app. Logged out of app, restarted and logged back in. Black screen with timers of 00:00 for video. Can see the video thumbnails, however black screen when selecting to play.” Xbox User

“@YouTube is literally unusable on the nintendo switch. i get a black screen when trying to watch anything. please fix this.” Nintendo User

The above tweets and numerous other reports on social media forums indicate that the issue is prevalent in many devices like Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Firestick, Skybox, PS4, and more. Some users were relaxed to know they were not alone in facing this issue of videos not playing or loading on their YouTube app.

The problem is definitely annoying for people as they really want to unwind and enjoy watching their favorite YouTube videos on their respective devices.

YouTube team working to fix the issue

Although the main reason behind this widespread issue is still unknown, YouTube has already taken this matter under consideration. While answering one of the users’ queries, YouTube Community Manager told the teams were aware of this issue and working to fix it.

Previously, there was a “Something went wrong” error that had disappointed the users and affected their watching experience.

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