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YouTube step 2 monetization error: AdSense account issue blocks channel monetization

Some creators of content on YouTube rake in boatloads of money every year from the platform, but a new issue referencing their AdSense account in step 2 of the monetization request results in an error. As a result, some YouTubers are unable to complete their monetization request for their channel.

Step 2 displays error in YouTube monetization request due to AdSense account issue

PiunikaWeb collected numerous posts about this issue. According to the many posts, some YouTubers are getting a message stating that their “AdSense account is missing required payment details” when they try to complete the monetization request for their channel.

For example, one YouTuber said on Google’s product forums that they received the error message referencing an issue with their AdSense in step 2 of their YouTube monetization request. They added that when they go to AdSense, their account loads, and when they look at the payment section, it doesn’t look like any details are missing.

Another YouTuber said on Google’s support forums that they set up an AdSense account and received a message that they had duplicate accounts. They deleted both of their AdSense accounts and created a new one. However, when they tried to link it to their YouTube account, they received the message about AdSense missing required payment details.

As a result of all these issues, YouTube states that it can’t monetize their accounts.

Google is working on the issue

The bad news is that this issue appears to be widespread, blocking numerous YouTubers from monetizing their channels. However, the good news is that some Google Product experts have paid attention to the many reports about the error from affected users. They’ve requested more feedback about the error.

For example, one post on Google’s forums states that YouTube support is asking affected users to provide a video recording showing that they are logged in with the correct AdSense account. They are then instructed to click the other tabs and windows in the video and then upload it to Google Drive and post the link in the Google forums.


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