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YouTube Studio analytics showing ‘data temporarily unavailable’ error 

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Many content creators are experiencing issues with YouTube Studio analytics showing a ‘data temporarily unavailable’ pop-up. 

Users frustrated over YouTube Studio analytics ‘data temporarily unavailable’ and zero view error

YouTube creators are particularly shocked that their analytics show zero views from August 23 to August 25. They tagged YouTube in their tweets and explained the issue. Users also took out their frustration over this annoying issue.

One user tweeted on Thursday: “Dozens of people have reported broken analytics for August 23-24 but @YouTube is sticking to we’re just removing inauthentic views instead of looking into why August 23-24 is displaying 0 views, 0 watch time sitewide. In the past, @TeamYouTube always looked into these glitches.”

“Dear @TeamYouTube I don’t know why but how is it possible for 23rd August and 24th August all cut view subs and other why?” posted another user. 

Prior to the glitch, a user could see metrics such as views, watch time, subscribers, and other account details. However, due to the current glitch, creators are not able to view their video analytics from August 23 to August 25.

Users are frustrated as some content creators are unable to see other analytical metrics such as watch hours too. The overall count of the metrics is negatively affected due to the issue.

“For some reason, I just lost all views and watch time for 2 random days. I know I got views for those days because it shows them when I compare individual views with the total ones. Does anyone have any ideas? And does this affect the channel’s total watch time?” a user posted on Reddit. 

Some users report trying troubleshooting methods like reinstalling the app, clearing the browser’s cache and cookies, and logging in and out of their YouTube accounts. However, nothing seems to fix the issue.

Issue acknowledged by YouTube

A community manager at YouTube acknowledged the issue related to Studio analytics on Thursday. They are currently working on a fix but no ETA was provided.

 “Thanks for letting us know that some metrics (e.g. views, watch time (hours), RPM and subscribers) on YouTube Studio Analytics tab are incorrect from Aug 23rd to Aug 25th,” they posted on Google’s community forum.

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