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Apple Watch Series 8 rumors, release date and design

Apple Watch Series 8
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Even if Apple Watch 7 was just announced and will not ship until later in the fall, the Apple Watch Series 8 hasn’t been spared from avid fans speculating about what it would have. While the Apple Watch 7 promises to impress, it still leaves some features to be craved for.

Apple has announced a new version of one of the best smartwatches every year. Hence, one can expect that they are already working on a new follow-up. We haven’t seen any significant leaks for Apple Watch Series 8 as we have seen for iPhone 14, but the expectations and rumors that didn’t become reality in Apple Watch 7 could show up in Apple Watch Series 8.

We can only speculate what Apple is planning for its new watch. The first thing we expect would be the flat-edged redesign that many people anticipated may appear. It could also bring a new and improved health sensor to its upcoming watch, a feature that isn’t prevalent in Apple Watch 7. Well, let’s have a look at more expectations:

Apple Watch Series 8 expected release date and price

While it’s too early to speculate a release date for a newer model when the latest one isn’t even in the market. However, according to previous Apple launches, that the release could happen in September 2022.

There is no credible information in the rumor mill regarding Apple Watch Series 8 yet. However, Apple has made a name for itself by maintaining its price structures. Hence, fans expect that Apple Watch Series 8 will be similar in price to its predecessor. The Apple Watch 7 begins at $399 for the 41mm model, with premium prices for the larger 45mm variants.

Apple Watch Series 8 Design

The Apple Watch’s appearance has remained virtually unchanged since the first model debuted in 2016. However, they tweaked its iconic squircle in the Apple Watch 7 to accommodate larger displays in an ever-so-curvier framework.

Fans speculate that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 could incorporate the design of the newer flat-edged iPhone, which was previously rumored to be in the Series 7.

The rumors got even more hype when a veteran leaker Jon Prosser put forth a series of renders earlier this year, hedging the timeline for a significant design change saying, “my sources could’ve passed along intel for a different future Apple Watch — not necessarily the Apple Watch 7.”

A new set of renders published ahead of the Apple Watch 7, revealed plans for a flat-edged redesign, which got fans excited about the Apple Series 7. The leaked CAD renders were shared by 91Mobiles, and they teased an all-flat design with the display included.

What We Would Like to See in Apple Watch Series 8

Better Battery

Apple Watch 7 was expected to have a huge battery life boost, but unfortunately, fans could not see that happen. We hope that the feature gets added to the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. This would improve its overall stamina with the help of a larger battery and a more efficient processor.

Skin temperature reader

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is also working on incorporating a skin-temperature sensor, as previously found in the Fitbit Sense. A Wall Street Journal report expects 2022 as the possible introduction to this feature. However, this would require the integration of new hardware, allowing for the upcoming Watch 8 to take the temperature. It’s possible the watch’s temperature-taking ability to come out as a fertility-planning feature.


Considering the amount of data Apple Watch holds, it is quite absurd that its security system is simple. Using a passcode for your Apple Watch can also get a little hectic. Because you need to enter it every time you wear it. Touch ID seems a reasonable solution until Apple gets around adding a front-facing camera to register Face ID.

Larger sizes

Though the Apple Watch 7 grew by 1mm, we wouldn’t complain about even larger sizes. The current size is suitable for a miniaturized user experience, but it’s underwhelming when it comes to practicality. Adding a few millimeters to the Apple Watch could give the company room for things like a bigger processor.

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