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$700 Mac Pro Wheels Used On Skateboard: Video

No doubt, almost everything about the 2019 Apple’s Mac Pro is expensive, including its $700 wheels and other accessories. Although it’s undeniable how amazing the device is, not everybody can afford it. Also, in a time like this, it’s surprising how a YouTuber would buy the Mac Pro Wheels and utilize it to create a skateboard. What! According to research, a set of four skateboard wheels normally goes between $20 and $50, depending on their quality. And that’s way lesser than $700 for the Mac Pro wheels.

In this article, we’ll be looking at everything on how Braille skateboarding came up with the Custom Skateboard.

The Most Expensive Skateboard

According to a video shared by Braille Skateboarding, Apple’s Mac Pro Wheels was utilized to create an almost functioning skateboard. Although Unbox Therapy was the first to try it out, it didn’t practically work as planned. However, that motivated Braille Skateboarding and got him to produce the custom skateboard. Here’s what the video description says:

“@Unbox Therapy made the very first skateboard with the new $700 Mac Pro Wheels and we thought we could do even better. We ordered the wheels asap, got a brand new deck, and made the magic that you see in this video. Are these the best skateboard wheels ever?!”

The video shows a few different strategies that people can use to attach the $700 Apple’s Mac Pro Wheels to a skateboard deck. Let’s have a look at the approaches below:

Approaches To Attach The Mac Pro Wheels To A Skateboard

In the video, Braille Skateboarding initially attached the deck and the wheels with just a bolt each. Having tested it and realized how unstable it was, he opted for another hardware configuration. Although it was a little bit okay, it still allowed the wheels to spin 360-degrees. As such, he had to pop a few standard wheel trucks and looked for ways to keep the wheels stable. While he was successful at fixing it, the weight of the wheels was too heavy for the skateboard to function properly.

Although the attachments bent on trials, the wheels survived pretty fine. Furthermore, a few people tried to take turns and were able to make some predictable rides, including kickflips. But the weight of the wheels was really something else, as it affected the functionality of the skateboard.

It’ll really be interesting to see Apple jump on this opportunity, and produce the official skateboard, with Mac Pro wheels. I’m sure a lot of people will opt for the product.

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