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MacBook Pro And MacBook Air Users Report USB 2.0 Issues

Several reports of USB 2.0 issues affecting the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have surfaced on social media platforms, including Reddit and Apple’s Support Communities. Looking at the complaints so far, the issues, which are causing users’ computers to freeze, is only affecting the 2020 models of the MacBook.

In this article, we’ll be looking at everything about the USB 2.0 connectivity issues of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

MacBook Pro and Air Users Facing USB 2.0 Connectivity Issues

According to reports across different social media platforms, some MacBook Pro and MacBook Air users have started complaining about some annoying USB 2.0 connectivity issues.

Looking at the reports, many say their USB 2.0 accessories keep disconnecting from their MacBook devices. They also complained that the issues affect their systems, causing them to freeze.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro users’ complaints, concerning the USB 2.0 issues below:

According to a Reddit user buro91, he keeps experiencing the issues whenever he tries to connect USB 2.0 accessories to his MacBook Pro. Here’s a brief of what the user posted about the issue below:

“When I use an external USB-C hub in any port of my MBP, and connect USB 2.0 devices that include a Filco keyboard and a Razer DeathAdder mouse… after a while (minute or hours) the USB 2.0 devices will stop responding (keyboard dead, mouse not moving or clicking).”

Furthermore, the user also mentioned that he tried debugging, thinking the issue is from the USB-C port. However, all efforts to get the device to function properly proved abortive for him.

According to another user on Apple’s Support Communities, he’s also experiencing the USB 2.0 issues whenever he tries connecting to his MacBook Air.

“It’s not just 2020 MacBook Airs. I have a 2017 iMac 27″ that I just got. It has a fresh install of Catalina 10.5.5 on it. It had High Sierra on it but I upgraded to Catalina and had these issues, so I reinstalled Catalina from Recovery mode. And I get the same problem with my old USB 2.0 external drives…”

MacBook Pro And MacBook Air Users Report USB 2.0 Issues

Any Fix Yet?

So far, looking at the reports, many users claim that removing the accessories when their systems freeze-up doesn’t help to solve the issues. That looks more like the issues are software-related.

We are yet to hear anything from Apple as to the fix for the issues. However, I’m hopeful they are already working on it. In case you’re experiencing the issue, you might have to wait for the Cupertino company to roll out a new macOS Catalina update.

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