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New Google Pixel 6 bug is automatically rejecting calls

The Google Pixel 6 series appears to be plagued by yet another bug, as some Pixel owners have reported that their phones fail to ring when an incoming call is received and the device is automatically rejecting calls.

Reports say Google Pixel 6 auto rejecting calls

According to Android Central, the Google Pixel 6 series never seems to run out of bugs, and the most recent one appears to be a major source of concern, particularly for users who rely heavily on phone calls all of the time.

According to the report, the device appears to decline calls at random without your knowledge.

According to a growing number of users who have taken to Reddit to express their dissatisfaction, their Pixel 6 and 6 Pro automatically reject some phone calls from saved contacts without even ringing their devices.

“At least 4+ times a week, I will have someone telling me they tried to call me but I have no missed call notification. When I check my call log, it says the call was declined which obviously I did not do. My phone is usually face up on my desk or table when this happens and I do not even see the call come through,” a user wrote on Reddit.

What aggravates matters is the absence of a missed call notification. Affected users were surprised to find their call log displaying a history of attempted calls that were marked as declined, even though no phone call went through on their screen.


The tech behemoth has yet to make a statement on the matter.

Even after disabling every possible setting that could affect phone calls, including Do Not Disturb and Wi-Fi calling, the problem persists.

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