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Samsung Galaxy S22 release date, specs and rumors

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung is continuously aiming for the skies with its Galaxy smartphones, with the new Galaxy S21 here and the flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra. As good as the Galaxy S21 is — especially the cameras on the Galaxy S21 Ultra — there’s always a chance of amendments. Let’s discuss what Samsung could bring us for Galaxy S22

Galaxy S21 is a great phone and the camera is powered with 100X zoom and 8K 24FPS video abilities. We could already consider what the company would be improving for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

Samsung Galaxy S22 release date

Samsung has not announced the release date of the S22 as of yet but it is expected to launch in January/February of 2022. The company moved up the release date of the Galaxy S21 from its typical February timeframe to January 29. That said, Samsung may even bring the launch forward and announce the handsets earlier.

Galaxy S22 Price

No-one knows yet what to expect from Samsung in terms of price. But we expect that Samsung will keep the prices similar to the Galaxy S21 lineup. If Samsung remains consistent, the Galaxy S22 will cost $799, the Galaxy S22 Plus will be $999 and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be priced at $1,199.

It will be interesting to see whether Samsung introduces a lower-cost Galaxy S21 FE sometime between now and the S22’s launch, as it did with the Galaxy S20 FE rollout last year.

Samsung Galaxy S22 news and rumors

There is no news specifically about the Samsung Galaxy S22 in terms of what specs to expect. We can glean a few pieces of information from some wider Samsung leaks though.

The biggest change likely coming to the Galaxy S22 is an under-display camera. This would enable a true full-screen design without a traditional punch hole at the top of the display.

One leak indicated that Samsung is already working on its Exynos 9855 chipset, and it is expected that this chip will be ready for the 2022 handset.

Another leak from Mauri QHD on Twitter suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will feature a thinner design than the Galaxy S21. However, this may result in smaller batteries and there could be a trade-off for a sleeker look.

Samsung won’t add chargers in the box with future smartphones, so one should geta separate charger alongside a Samsung flagship if you do not already own one.

Chinese sources report that Samsung is currently testing the 8K 60fps video recording feature on the first Galaxy S22 prototype. This would be an improvement over the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which maxes out at 24fps for 8K video.

Samsung Galaxy S22: What we want to see

Some improvements we wish to see the company make in its next flagship series since there is plenty of time in S22’s launch.

A true full-screen design

We’d like to see a full-screen design for the Galaxy S22 with a front camera that disappears when you don’t need it. We’d also like to be able to use apps in full-screen mode without having to dig into settings. This is expected to be coming true though.

Bring back microSD support

This is a simple wish, as the company has almost always offered microSD support in its smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S21 range doesn’t feature a microSD card slot. That means you’re stuck with that amount of storage no matter how long you use the phone.

If you have purchased the 128GB Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra then you won’t be able to expand the storage. But with the Galaxy S22, we would really want Samsung to offer an option of expanding the storage.

A sharper display

Samsung reduced the resolution on the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus from quad HD to 1080p, in order to save cost. But it would be better if the sharpest resolution wasn’t an exclusive feature in only Galaxy S22 Ultra this time around.

With Samsung’s latest moves, we can see displays with variable refresh rates that efficiently switch between the available levels. Both the Galaxy S21 and the S21+ come with displays switching between 48 and 120Hz. Whereas the S21 Ultra can switch up to 10Hz.

Better storage options

The Galaxy S22 range should offer further storage options for people to choose from. That’s particularly correct if Samsung plans that it doesn’t want to bring a microSD card slot again. The Galaxy S21, for example, is just available in 128GB and 256GB storage sizes.

S Pen support for every Galaxy S22

Only the Galaxy S21 Ultra supports the S Pen as an option, while the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus do not. The stylus experience seems to be helpful, and for those who want to have the accessory, it’s a great option. Hopefully, in 2022 Samsung’s S Pen functionality for its S series will be more fully formed.

Avoid Glasstic

The Galaxy S21 shifted from a glass rear and switched to a Glasstic back. Samsung named it for a plastic and glass hybrid, and it doesn’t look high-end. Both the Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra stuck with glass, and we’d like to Samsung opt for that material on every Samsung Galaxy S22 model considering the price of these smartphones.

Faster charging

Samsung moved away from that perk for the Galaxy S21 lineup after offering a 45W charger option on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, a leak points to Samsung releasing a 65W charger, and we expect that it supports the Galaxy S22 lineup.

Price drop?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 range dropped in price compared to 2020’s smartphones, but we’d like to see the prices drop even further in 2022. Of course, this is a big wish as the Galaxy S21 Ultra is full of top-end tech, and the company might not be able to reduce the price any further than it did with 2021’s phone.

Longer battery life

The Galaxy S21’s battery life could be better. The adaptive display on the S21 Ultra is more dynamic, as it can scale down to 10 Hz, as opposed to 48Hz for the S21 and S21 Plus. So it would be great if Samsung offered the same refresh rate range as the Ultra for its next phones.

Better cooling

The Samsung Galaxy S21 users and reviewers experienced issues where the device became warm after extensive workloads or when gaming for longer hours. With the Galaxy S22, it would be great to have a better cooling option.

Galaxy S22 camera

The Galaxy S22 and S22+ might feature triple cameras while the Galaxy S22 Ultra would possibly stick with the quad-camera setup. That uses dual telephoto cameras over the wide and ultra-wide snappers. We would highly support it as the 10X zoom on the Galaxy S21 Ultra proved to be a successful option for the camera.
Although not sure, we hope to see this technology featured in the Galaxy S22 and S22+ when they release.

Samsung Galaxy S22 is likely to bring a Quad 64MP essential focal point, 12 MP zooming focal point,12 MP ultra-wide sensor, and 0.4MP profundity sensor Camera with 4K video recording snapper. These features would definitely make it unique.

There are reports that Samsung patented an invisible selfie camera. This invisible selfie camera will work with the help of a moving sub-display. Ideally, there would be a secondary screen that will hide the selfie camera when not in use. This execution could feature in the Galaxy S22.

According to rumors, the screen will have a transparent area for the selfie camera, and under the transparent area is the sub-display.

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