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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra release date, features, specs

Galaxy S23 Ultra
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The Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to be a huge upgrade to the S-series. Samsung will have to bring its A-game to the market just as iPhone 14 is in line this year.

The largest camera sensor and an under-panel selfie camera will be a part of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The S23 and S23+ could also feature an amazing waterfall display design, updated OLED screen technology, and superior 5G connectivity.

If Samsung offers exciting deals for its Galaxy S23 phones as it did with S22 models, the phones would be the best smartphone release of the year.

The new Samsung flagship series phones are expected to arrive at the start of 2023. Tech publications are excited about their release. A whole new set of features are in store for us. These include better camera quality, fresh design, and colors, as well as upgraded processors.

Let’s find out more information about the rumored features and release date of the Galaxy S23 Ultra series.

Better camera sensor

Samsung will likely introduce a 200MP primary camera sensor with the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The rumors started to circulate after Samsung recently announced the 200MP ISOCELL HP3 – an image sensor with the smallest 0.56-micrometer (μm)-pixels in the industry.

“Samsung has continuously led the image sensor market trend through its technology leadership in high-resolution sensors with the smallest pixels,” said JoonSeo Yim, Executive Vice President of the Sensor Business Team at Samsung in an official blog post.

“With our latest and upgraded 0.56μm 200MP ISOCELL HP3, Samsung will push on to deliver epic resolutions beyond professional levels for smartphone camera users,” Yim added.

This latest sensor is the third generation of their ISOCELL HP sensor.

According to Ice Universe, a tipster on Twitter, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will surely feature the unreleased HP2 sensor.

“The Moto flagship phone has a 200MP sensor (HP1) and you’re looking at a 4 in 1 photo, 50MP. The Galaxy S23 Ultra will also use 200MP, but the relevant sensor has not been announced,” Ice Universe tweeted.

The South Korean tech giant has already released 200MP ISOCELL HP1 and HP3 sensors. However, the detailed description of the HP2 sensor has not been revealed yet.

If Samsung were to introduce a 200 MP sensor on the phone, it would mean a reduced pixel size. The benefits will also include a better quad phase detection system for autofocus and clearer resolution.

The image sensor also offers better pictures captured in low light or dark rooms. However, Samsung has not made the official announcement of using a 200 MP sensor on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Storage

Samsung can manage to be generous with its phones’ storage. And this is because the company manufactures RAM and internal storage chips on its own.

Tech geeks are expecting more storage options than 128 GB for the S23 Ultra variant. Some have rumored the phone’s storage to begin from 256 GB.

Samsung also announced that upgraded version of its Universal Flash Storage (UFS) solution. The company said the 4.0 version will come out at the end of this year.

UFS 4.0 will be a huge improvement in the speed and efficiency of the devices such as tablets and smartphones. It is most likely to be a part of the 2023 flagship series.

Battery life

The Galaxy S23 phones are expected to get an upgrade with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor with the advanced 3nm technology.

The company will also bring the new OLED panel generations to the table with the phones.

However, if Samsung goes ahead with a complete redesign and the rumored waterfall display on S23, then it will compromise the battery size. The S23 Ultra’s battery capacity will be lowered which will disrupt the more frugal hardware to expect the battery life of S22 phones.

Design and display

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will reportedly have a quad-curved display. Samsung’s engineering abilities are exceptional and they could very well achieve a waterfall quad-curved display. Along with enhanced aesthetics, this would be a huge step in the Galaxy S23 redesign.

Conjecture about the all-screen design is also floating around. For the S23 Ultra models, Samsung will use the same 6th-gen OLED panel as S22 Ultra. The OLED panel is said to be much brighter and consume less energy.

Galaxy S23 Ultra release date

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to release in February 2023, if we take Samsung’s launch history into account.

The Mobile World Congress is also going to start in late February, so Samsung might announce the event.

A starting price of $1199 is expected for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Unless the company halts its mass production schedule or raises the price due to the 200MP camera sensor.

The starting price of the Galaxy S23 could be $799 and $999 for the Galaxy S23+ variant, according to Phone Arena.

With all these expected features, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has become the latest obsession for tech geeks. So, we’ll have to wait till next year to see the brand-new S23 Ultra launch. Till then, save up to buy the next-gen smartphone as soon it’s available.

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