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TikTok trends with viral videos of ‘UFO’ and ‘alien invasion’

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UFO videos have been surfacing online since the inception of YouTube, thousands of people have claimed to catch UFOs on their cameras. Aliens continue to be one of the biggest conspiracies that surround us. This conspiracy recently surfaced when some videos on TikTok went viral for capturing an alien invasion. These TikTok UFO videos are comparatively much better quality compared to sub-standard videos captured in the past.

Did TikTok UFO videos capture an alien invasion?

TikTok has always been experiencing bouts of popularity for one reason or another. Now, TikTok’s own algorithm for recommending content appears to have triggered a UFO panic, with the app highlighting a string of videos that allegedly show unexplained phenomenon that mostly takes the form of bright lights in the night sky. The truth of what is happening is, of course, not quite paranormal. Users have claimed that the footage shows what appear to be extraterrestrial beings.

The Daily Dot reports that the UFO obsession has surfaced once again when a user by the name of @withinthewild posted a video showing what they describe as “sparkly diamonds” in the evening sky. Although the video quality could be better but it does seem to capture glimpses of the alleged “extraterrestrials” flashing briefly at various points in the sky, and there’s certainly no ship or vessel or anything to indicate the presence of anything large. Occasionally, a small blip of light will appear and then disappear in the next frame, as if the UFO is aware that is it being filmed.

What is the truth about aliens?

Several other users have also gained popularity for sharing videos that hint at a possible alien invasion. Aliens have attracted the attention of many people over the decades, the subject of UFO’s, alien invasions and extraterrestrial beings has made headlines throughout the years.

Many conspiracy theorists have come forward claiming that the United States government hides aliens along with other extraterrestrial beings in Area 51. Area 51 has attracted considerable attention and curiosity over the years. Some people have even gone above and beyond to suggest that John F. Kennedy was murdered because he was going to reveal information about aliens to the public. It is reported that John F. Kennedy saw a UFO, there is documentation of him seeing it and he reportedly spoke about the incident in many interviews as well. It is said that John F. Kennedy demanded all information regarding extraterrestrial beings from the CIA, 10 days after which he was killed.  He is reported to have said, “I’d like to tell the truth about the alien situation, but my hands are tied.”

Many people have also come forward claiming that they were abducted by aliens, but such people are usually hushed off by the authorities or they simply disappear. A number of notable people believe in the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

Viral TikTok UFO And Alien Invasion Videos


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