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Why Trump Is The Best President America Could Ever Have

Trump Calls On Brazilians To Reelect 'Great' Bolsonaro

Chaos was created by the Democrats and the Republicans to sabotage Trump’s presidency. He was an outsider who wanted to effect real change in the USA. One of them is manifest is in his real attitude towards no more needless war and bloodshed. If there would’ve been a Trump in the White House in the 1950s, millions of Vietnamese for example need not have perished for nothing.

Trump was an outsider who wanted to effect real change in the USA.

Trump, if you put your personal feelings and emotions, aside was an exceptional president regarding protecting the US Constitution, thereby protecting our rights. Free Speech, 2nd Amendment, the Pursuit of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness — all are fully respected under Trump. All the court decisions and injunctions, Trump followed them and made sure to argue it all in the courts.

Many make a big point about the employment rate and they very well should. Trump has brought so many people together that I never thought possible, including so-called Gender and Racial minorities, and White right-wingers alongside hippy liberals. Trump achieved a great feat. What did the Democrats do? They aided and covered for China.

They support Zhongguo over the USA by massively supporting the shipping of jobs, industry, and technology to the Middle Kingdom over Middle America, a.k.a. Flyover Country. Their Democrat Lawmakers tacitly support law-breakers, Antifa and BLM. The Democrats pass so-called Hate Speech laws that infringe on the Constitutional guarantees of Free Speech.

The states where the Democrats reign water down and squash the Second Amendment right to bear arms, which the Constitution says once again shall not be infringed upon, yet they do so by passing new unconstitutional laws that strip citizens of their rights. The Democrat party wishes to impose lockdowns that infringe on your liberty as well as destroying the economy and personal wealth.

The Democrats and Republicans, while allegedly well-intentioned, would rather see the citizenry dependent on government largesse and aid instead of you going out and making it out on your own. The Uniparty beast heaved and howled at everything Trump did because he was rocking their apple cart. They are part of a private nightclub where we pay the tab and Trump walked in turned on the lights and disconnected the music.

If you have ever worked in a nightclub like I did, there’s nothing more shocking and chaos-inducing than having the music turned off and telling everyone to get out. The Uniparty parasitic system did everything they could by crook and hook to get rid of the one person, the one spoiler who was ruining their scams, their cheating, and their fraud.

The dude was in his own way fighting for the little guy, for that small business owner, for that guy who wanted to make an honest buck, for that G.I.-Joe who didn’t want to be shipped off to go fight somewhere away like Vietnam or Afghanistan for nothing. To spill his guts for fat cats who own the newspapers, TV shows, and news channels that spin it all so poor slobs would believe that it was all chaos.

To weaken you, to divide you, to give up, and to think that it was best to go back to being cheated, lied to, stepped on, and your rights stripped away. So go ahead and celebrate Trump being cheated and pushed out, celebrate the ruining of our electoral process. Now we will never trust it again. If that’s what you enjoy, go ahead and clap every time the courts refuse to even listen to the evidence to ensure that our elections are free and fair.

If you prefer a tainted system, then you won. However, Trump isn’t going away. His supporters aren’t going to fade and wither. The man is now a martyr and a symbol that his people and others will fight for and rally around. If you were afraid before, you should really be fearful now. Why? The militant left that the Democrat lawmakers supported are still angry, the extreme left-wing of the Democrat party (AOC) is chomping at the bit, and they will not be happy with Biden at all.

2021, due to the turmoil that the Democrats fostered due to the extreme shutdowns that they pushed for, has created the perfect storm. What do you mean, you might ask? Most of the population that rents, owes $6,000 in rent! They will have no more stimulus and no help, and they’ll then demand that the Democrats who now rule provide them with assistance.

Joe will try to blame Trump and make him the target, but Joe is the President. He is the “big guy” in charge, that’s who you picked: an old, mentally addled guy who never owned a business and never had a real job in his life. He has real demonstrable corruption proven everywhere in his resume. You thought you had chaos? You ain’t see nothing yet!

Trump was uniquely qualified to handle the coming storm and revive the economy, yet we handed the most important job to a man who can’t even finish a sentence. He’ll also have to deal with angry Trump supporters who never got their day in court and an angry left-wing populace who want “change” and want it yesterday.

You ain’t seen chaos yet. There’s going to be violence out there. Plus, to top it off, you won’t even be able to defend yourself because only the criminals will have guns, the police have been undermined and rendered ineffective, so you’d better call a social worker while being held at gunpoint!

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – B. Franklin

Contributed By Felipe Maeso, an American political commentator

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