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Fitbit App crashing on iPhone and other iOS devices

Fitbit App Crashing iPhones

Fitbit, founded in March 2007, is a consumer electronics and fitness firm that has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Today, tens of millions of people use its products, according to Statista. Well, Fitbit is so popular now because of the company’s investment in new models and purpose-built software & hardware technologies. Things have also become pretty good for the company since Alphabet Inc. acquired it last year for $2.1 billion. The only problem, however, is that users haven’t stopped experiencing issues with the Fitbit app in the past months. According to the latest reports, Fitbit iOS users are now reporting an annoying issue, in which the app is crashing on their iPhones.

Why is the Fitbit app crashing on iOS devices? How to fix this issue? Read further to discover the answers to these questions.

The Fitbit app now crashing on iPhones

The Fitbit apps for both iOS and Android devices have been available for a while now. These apps are designed to deliver you a personalized experience by providing you with a better understanding of your stats and progress. It also provides better insights into how you can easily reach your fitness goals.

Unfortunately, multiple reports across various social media sites reveal that the Fitbit app is crashing on iPhones. As such, the affected iOS users cannot check their stats, progress, and fitness activities. Some of these users even mentioned that they try using a couple of troubleshooting steps, such as force-closing the app, clearing cache, and uninstalling/reinstalling it. However, none of these steps was effective in addressing the annoying issue.

You can check down and here (1,2,3,4) to see some of what the affected Fitbit app users are saying about the crashing issue on iPhones.

Fitbit app crashing iPhones

Official statement from the Fitbit team

The good news is that the Fitbit team has come out with an official statement to acknowledge the issue on the ground. While the official fix is not yet available, the team promises to release it as soon as it’s done investigating the cause, as noted here.

We’ll continue to monitor the Fitbit team for more updates regarding the app crashing issue on iPhones. As soon as we find any updates worth sharing, we’ll keep you informed about them here.

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