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Google Pixel 6 Overheating Issue Reported By Users

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Google Pixel 6 is still a widely used phone due to its latest technology and excellent features. However, some users have been experiencing overheating issues with Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro lately.

Google Pixel 6 Overheating Issue

For many Pixel users, the phone doesn’t stay on and overheats consistently.

“My phone gets hot and reboots during numerous things, like using the camera app, any video streaming (TikTok, YouTube, Netflix, etc.), or listening to music while browsing the web. I thought it was my phone case trapping in the heat, but it still does it when I keep the case off all day. Brightness is at 20%.”

“It seems that it gets hot when it’s using the network LTE or 5G. When I’m on Wi-Fi, it’s normal. I got the Google Pixel 6 pro 256 GB version. My phone gets really hot during normal use like looking at a website.”

“Aggressive” is a good word for it. I am having the same issue. Not great for a brand new phone. I filled out the 1:1 chat form. Says that the wait is <2 hours. Haha. I am #47 in line.

Team Google is Working on The Issue

However, one good sign is that the Google team is already looking into this matter and its product experts are helping people with their questions and concerns.

“If your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro phone appears to be overheating, please use the below link to reach out to Google’s 1:1 Support for assistance.  Fill out the form; just answer the form’s questions, do not get sidetracked to the articles:

Please let us know how you get on.”

A Possible Fix

One of the affected Pixel users suggested a possible fix for this overheating issue.

According to him, “Downloading the stock image from the Google website and flashing then resetting from recovery mode fixed it for me, I’m literally getting no heat right now even at max brightness.”

Switching off Adaptive Connectivity and Adaptive Battery also resolved the issue immediately for another user.

However, Google still needs to come up with a permanent and effective fix for this glitch and help users get rid of their phone getting overheated.

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