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Google Pixel 6 release date, specs and rumors

Google Pixel 6 release date, specs and rumors

Google Pixel 5 is behind us. And if you believe the early customers, you would not want to take a look at it. The loyal Pixel fans are already looking forward to the next year’s Google Pixel 6. Even though the Pixel 6 is about a year away, leaks and rumors about the device have already started surfacing. In this post, let’s dive into the rumored features, specs, and release date of the Google Pixel 6.

Google Pixel 6 release date

The Pixel 5 was unveiled on September 30, 2020. Last year’s Pixel 4 launched on October 15 and the 2018 Pixel 3 arrived on October 18. The search engine giant has launched its flagship Pixel handsets just in time for the holiday shopping season. We expect the Pixel 6 to launch around October in 2021.


Considering the Pixel 6 is about a year away, there is limited information about its features and specifications.

According to a report, Google has been developing a custom chip code-named Whitechapel, which could power the Pixel 6. The search engine giant has already explored chip design by developing its own security chip Titan M and the image processing chip Pixel Neural Core.

According to Korean publication ETNews, Google has teamed up with Samsung to design a custom processor. The chipset could end up powering the next year’s Pixel 6. It will allow Google to move away from Qualcomm chips and close the gap with Apple’s A-series processors.

ETNews added that Google was looking to strengthen its hardware business including smartphones, AR glasses, and smart home speakers.

The search engine giant is also expected to bring back the Project Soli radar chip. Google introduced Soli with Pixel 4 but removed it from Pixel 5. The radar chip enabled Motion Gestures, allowing you to control certain aspects of the device without touching it. Google is reportedly planning to bring back the Soli radar chip with the Pixel 6 next year.


The company has reduced the starting price of Pixel 5 to make it more affordable. But it had to make certain compromises including the design, Soli chip and processing power to cut costs. The Pixel 5 starts at $699 compared to the Pixel 4’s $799. If Google opts for a premium processor, design, and features, it could price the Pixel 6 in the same range as Pixel 4 or even higher.

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