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Nintendo Switch 2 release date, specs and rumors

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world, news regarding the release of Nintendo Switch 2 has been making rounds on social media. It was speculated whether Nintendo will be able to keep up with PS5 and Xbox Series X after official information regarding Nintendo Switch 2 was released, fans are positive that the new model will be able to compete with the specs of PS5 and Xbox Series X this fall.

The Switch 2 is also referred to as the Nintendo Switch Pro, this is the advanced version of Nintendo’s hybrid console. The new model features improved internals and other gaming qualities. The powerful Switch will assist Nintendo in competing with other consoles being released by the end of this year. According to rumors, it is likely that the new Switch console will come with special features including potential dual-screen support.

A report compiled by Economic Daily News revealed that the new Nintendo Switch 2 will have several improved features than the previous models of vanilla and lite variants. It is likely that the new console will also feature upgraded interactivity along with a better quality display. The report also cites hardware manufacturers behind the Nintendo Switch 2 responsible for its flash storage and Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo Switch 2 release date

According to officials at Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch 2 will probably not be officially released this year. The company published a financial note this January where it stated explicitly that the company had no current plans of officially launching the new console during this year.  This news was met with disappointment from fans as they had hoped the release of the new Nintendo Switch 2 this year would mean that the year ended on a good note despite the COVID-19 crisis.

The company officials have stated that the Nintendo Switch 2 would be launched in the first quarter of 2021. A report by the Edge markets, the Taipei-based news company, the new console is confirmed to arrive by early 2021. The exact date is still unknown.

The well-known tipster, Jeff Grubb has revealed that the next massive Nintendo Direct could fall on August 28. It is highly unlikely that Nintendo will reveal any hardware news at this show, fans eager to listen about the future of Switch might still want to tune in for exciting bits of news. The last major Direct by Nintendo took place in March 2020, so the next one in the future could reveal some major details about the company that Nintendo has probably been saving to reveal at the E3.

The pattern of release that every model of Switch has followed is as follows. 3 March 2017 marked the release of the Nintendo Switch. August 2019 marked the release of the Nintendo Switch, the upgraded battery model. 20 September 2019 was the day Nintendo Switch Lite was released. Fans proficient at drawing parallels between these lines might be able to decipher the release date of Nintendo Switch 2. The four-year anniversary of Switch is also around the corner, it is possible that Nintendo Switch 2 is released on the same date as the anniversary.

Sources from Bloomberg are expecting it will release later this year in time for the holidays. The displays should reach assemblers by July 2021.

Nintendo Switch 2 Specs

Much of the information available about the specs of the Nintendo Switch 2 has been compiled from different reports circulating online. Some analysts have claimed that the new version will feature a modest upgrade, others say that the new version is likely to come with a significant power boost.

A 4chan post (now deleted) revealed that some major changes will be made to the upcoming Nintendo console, this will include a custom Nvidia Tegra Xavier processor, along with a 64 GB SSD. The features do not end here, the post further uncovered that the Switch 2 will also feature 4K video support and two USB-C ports. The post also suggested that the Switch 2 would have a TV-only console and will not support portable play mode.  The authenticity of this post is being questioned since it was soon deleted from the platform.

Clien, a Korean website hinted that the Nintendo Switch 2 is unlikely to feature a huge generational development. The poster suggested that Nintendo is collaborating with Nvidia to create a custom Tegra processor. The processor will be based on Nvidia’s Volta architecture. It is likely that the processor will not include the Tegra X1+ chip that is expected to be featured in the console. Subsequently, 4K support might not be ideal for the Nintendo Switch 2.


According to reports circulating online, it is likely that the Nintendo Switch 2 will allow the players to play in TV, handheld, and tabletop modes. Nintendo patents have recently suggested some interesting features that might also be incorporated in the new model making it a complementary device.

A health tracking device has also been patented by Nintendo. This unique device will have the ability to track sleep, monitor mood via microphones and sensors, and even have the ability to alter the scent in the room. According to news reports, this device is likely to come with its own dock and is created to complement health-related games. At this stage, it is unknown when this device will hit the market. Nevertheless, this fitness device has captured the attention of many fans.

Nintendo Switch 2 design expectations

The Nintendo Switch 2 might come with a design overhaul and the fans would wish to see a slimmer design and improved display along with Joy-Cons that might get a revamp too. Switch fans also expect to see an improved display as well as a change in hardware design.

Nintendo Switch 2

Nintendo Switch Pro with 7-inch OLED

A report from Bloomberg suggests that Nintendo is working on the release of this next-generation Switch (maybe the Switch Pro is the Switch 2) with an OLED screen. Samsung Display is making the screen with a 7-inch 720p rigid OLED panel that is likely to see mass production in June 2021.

Currently, the Switch has a 6.2-inch 720p LCD, and the Switch Lite has a 5.5-inch 720p LCD. This would be a great upgrade over the original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

According to Bloomberg, the next-generation Switch model will support 4K graphics if you’re using it with a TV. Hence the 720p resolution will be limited to the handheld mode and might save battery life. Presently, most Switch titles don’t have a native resolution in handheld mode.

Advantages of OLED include offering higher contrast and using less battery, it might possibly have a faster refresh rate than the Switch’s standard 60Hz.

Nintendo Switch 2 games

Although no game titles have been revealed we can expect what might be arriving.

There might be another Breath of the Wild-like game on a Switch 2. Nintendo may even relaunch the series again for a new console. Super Mario Odyssey sequel on a Nintendo Switch 2 will also gain a lot of popularity.

Other possible sequels we might see include:

  • Splatoon 3
  • Bayonetta 4
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 2
  • Hollow Knight 3
  • Luigi’s Mansion 4
  • Super Mario Maker 3
  • New Pokemon
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate sequel
  • Tetris 99 sequel
  • Mario Kart 9
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The Price

The official price for Nintendo Switch 2 is still unknown. However, tipsters have concluded that it is likely that the game will exceed the $299 benchmark. This is considerably more than Nintendo Switch Lite which was priced at $199. Serkan Toto, the Japan-based game consultant who has correctly predicted the prices for many games in the past, revealed in an interview with that the Nintendo Switch 2 is likely to cost $399.

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