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Players Want COD: Mobile ‘Zombies mode’ back

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Call of Duty, published by Activision, is a first-person shooter video game that has been around since October 2003. Its mobile version, called Call of Duty: Mobile, was released in October 2019. Today, the mobile version has over 210 million active players across the globe. Players love COD: Mobile because of many factors. Some people love the game because it’s free to play. Others love it because of the gameplay experience it offers, as well as its content and game modes. The ‘Zombies mode’ is one of the most popular game modes on COD: Mobile. The developers only made this mode available temporarily, and it has since been removed from the game. Now, concerned players are calling on the developers to bring back the COD: Mobile ‘Zombies mode.’

Bring back COD: Mobile ‘Zombies mode’ – users complained

Call of Duty: Mobile has several game modes. One of them was the ‘Zombies mode’, which has since been removed by the developers. In case you don’t know, the ‘Zombies mode’ was released temporarily to challenge players to survive by fighting the dead with their weapons.

Yes, as a player, you need to kill some zombies with your melee and ranged weapons. After that, you will go to a marked location and collect a couple of things to manage a portal machine. It’s this machine that you need to defend against the wave of zombies.

Unfortunately, the COD: Mobile developers have now removed the Zombies game mode. However, this decision doesn’t sit well with many players. That’s so because hundreds of players across the globe are now calling on the development team to bring back the COD: Mobile ‘Zombies mode.’ You can check here (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) to see some of what the concerned players are saying regarding the removed Zombies game mode.

Players Want COD Mobile 'Zombies mode' back

Will the ‘Zombies mode’ come back to us?

The COD: Mobile development team will most likely bring back the game’s ‘Zombies mode.’ We’re saying this because a couple of players mentioned the developers said they’re already working on the game mode. You can check here (1,2,3) to see what the users said.

Yesterday, the COD: Mobile developers also tweeted regarding the players’ demands to bring back Zombies mode. Below is the translation of what the team posted on Twitter:

“There are currently no compensation plans for those who have pending shards, mainly because we would like to leave open the possibility of bringing back Undead Siege (Zombies Mode). We are working on finding a way to bring Classic Zombies mode to the global version of the game.”

Unfortunately, the post didn’t include the estimated time of arrival of the ‘Zombies mode.’ As such, we’re still not sure when the game mode will be back to us. We’ll continue to monitor the COD Mobile development team regarding the release date of the ‘zombies mode.’ You’ll hear from us as soon as we find relevant information on this matter.


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