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How to cope with job loss amid coronavirus — mentally and financially

Job loss coronavirus

Job loss due to coronavirus crisis

1. Accepting the reality

You are experiencing great mental anguish. It’s one of the most difficult times of the last century. The coronavirus crisis has forced hundreds of millions of people to lose their jobs or businesses. You are not alone.

2. Working out your finances

I hope you have two things — an emergency fund to cover your expenses through tough times, and insurance. And one thing you should not use at all — credit card. If you don’t have a sufficient emergency fund and you are among fortunate ones to still have a job, start building one right now.

3. Dealing with social anxiety

We live in a society where our work is our identity. I’ve been asked “What do you do?” dozens of times in the last year alone. If you’ve been out of job for the last few weeks or months, a sense of “shame” and “embarrassment” starts creeping in your mind.

4. Filling the day

Work used to occupy 8–12 hours of your day. And now you have to fill that void. How are you going to fill your day for the next several weeks or months? Just thinking about it could drive you crazy.

  • Upgrading your skills
  • Working out
  • Reaching out to your friends and colleagues
  • If you still have some time left, help someone…contribute something to the community.

Living in the Post-COVID world: Being prepared for the next crisis

We are desperately waiting for the day when coronavirus becomes history. But we still don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. The number of cases worldwide continues to rise.

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