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Top 10 Best YouTube Channels For Kids

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YouTube has been the fastest growing medium for learning and entertainment. It is used by people of all ages, and especially children remain glued to it. Below are the list of Top 10 best YouTube channels for kids that you should definitely subscribe to! Not only these channels highly interactive and perfect for learning but the content aired on these channels is also highly appropriate for children.

Top 10 Best YouTube Channels To Subscribe For Your Kids – 2020 List

Top 10 Best YouTube Channels For Kids

1- Sesame Street

There is a good reason that this classic show has secured the number one place on our top 10 best YouTube channels for kids. These adorable muppets have taught our children for 50 years. Known for its unique style, this channel is best if your child has recently started school. The manner in which these muppets teach alphabets results in long time retention. This channel takes entertainment and learning hand in hand to bring us a holistic experience for our kids.

Top 10 Best YouTube Channels For Kids

2- Rosanna Pansino

This channel takes practical learning to a whole new level, Rosanna Pansino focuses on skills like baking. The weekly program has adopted a family approach when it comes to the kitchen. We believe all children should be taught basic survival skills which most importantly includes food. Channels such as these encourage children to develop an interest in the kitchen and assist their mothers.

Top 10 Best YouTube Channels For Kids

3- TED-Ed

This is a personal favorite, TED is known for producing amazing conversations. This channel created for children provides highly insightful content. Each video features an expert who touches upon different topics in a manner that children can easily understand. Channels such as these encourage children to think deeply about the world around them and ask questions. This channel secures a third place on our list for top 10 best YouTube channels for kids.

Top 10 Best YouTube Channels For Kids

4- The Houston Zoo

This is an adorable channel that features several animals from a zoo. Channels such as these encourage children to display kindness and consideration towards animals. It is also great for learning names of adorable animals along with their characteristics! Definitely better than an actual trip to a zoo.

5- The Brain Scoop

The content on this channel is aired from the Chicago Field Museum and is hosted by the “Chief Curiosity Correspondent.” Each episode provides an interesting insight into operations of a museum, the graphics and animations used in the videos make it highly interactive. This channel is a great way to encourage learning in kids regarding environment, animals and the earth.


6- Minutephysics

This channel is the best medium for preparing young Einsteins. The highly interactive channel presents highly complicated theories and ideas in a manner that are easily understood and persevered by infants. The stick figure animations provide insights into interesting topics such as the theory behind the black hole. This channel is definitely recommended for kids of all ages.

7- CrashCourse

This channel is slightly catered towards older children. John Green, the acclaimed author of Fault in Our Stars provides bite sized lectures on important topics. The videos touch upon history, literature, geography, science and many more topics. These are recommended for children who find their usual lectures in school boring!

8- Super Simple Songs

This channel is the perfect medium for nighttime lullabies. It can be used for putting babies to sleep or just calming them down. The channel has hundreds of videos on different songs that are loved and enjoyed by kids. This channel might be a lifesaver for you since it is going to keep your kid in a trance!

9- SoulPancake

This aesthetically pleasing channel focuses on the beauty and art in the world around us. The videos touch upon important topics that children should be exposed to. However, this channel is for slightly older children who can understand words, ideas and phenomenons.

10- National Geographic for kids

This channel needs no introduction, generations have grown up watching national geographic. This channel provides content that focuses on the nature around us. Children should definitely learn and see these things growing up so that they are always able to realize how big the world is. Channels such as these encourage children to think outside the box.


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